Infra-K Co., Ltd. Established on March 5, 2018

Business registration number. 552-88-00867

Company affiliated research institute No. 2019111757

Venture company No. 20211110030002 (Innovative growth type / Validity period: 2021.09.19 ~ 2024.09.18)

[Holding patent]

Registered Patent  No. 10-2305863-00-00   2021.09.17  Online test evaluation system and method using blockchain and artificial intelligence
Registered Patent  No. 10-2337444-00-00   2021.12.06   Apparatus and method for managing virtual asset transactions
Registered trademark  No. 40-1698726-00-00   2021.03.02   INFRA-K
Registered Patent  No. 10-2367223-00-00   2022.02.21   Virtual asset fraud detection system and method
Registered Paten  No. 10-2482291-00-00   2022.12.23  Method for preventing online test cheating using permissioned blockchain network and online test server using the method
Patent application   No. 10-2023-0051745   2023.04.20  A method for providing relay payment service for commercial transactions using at least one digital asset exchange and a relay payment server using the same
     -> Applied to Leaders Payments service
[Major bussiness]

* Software development
(Leaders Payments : crypto currency payment service -> )

* Information and communication construction project No. 640129
(information and communication construction / parking control facility / network facility (integrated distribution box) / CCTV facility / broadcasting facility / others)

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